Port of Genoa (Liguria) -

Name: Port of Genoa (Liguria)
Routes: Genoa-Olbia / Olbia-Genoa and Genoa-Bastia / Bastia-Genoa 
Arrive at port: Exit Genoa Ovest, proceed to Porto, Terminal Traghetti and MOBY
Port entrance: Varco Albertazzi.
Address: P.le dei Traghetti Iqbal Masih 5 - 16126 Genova
Tel. 00390 (10) 25.41.513
Telefax: 00390 (10) 25.43.916
Email: moby.genova@moby.it
Check-in: Electronic check-in at the dock.
For departures from Genoa: it may not be driven into the port area of Varco Albertazzi earlier than 6h before departure of the booked ship, and that only with a valid ticket.