Moby Lines ships and services

The Ships

The Moby fleet has been at your service to offer you, every day, in every season a style of navigation guaranteed by 130 years of tradition and experience within the maritime transportation field and by official certification from the Italian Naval Registry (RINA).
Since 1994, every Moby Ship has been recognized with the “Safety Management System” which assures safety, quality and respect to the environment.

Fast Cruise Ferry

big, fast new-generation ferry with a large passenger and vehicle capacity. Distinguished by its high level of technology. Distinguished by the number of cabins and wide-ranging on-board services of a high standard.

Cruise Ferry

big passenger and vehicle ferry of a high standard that features cabins and numerous on-board services.


smaller ferry built to transport passengers and vehicles on short crossings. Depending on the size, a standard ferry will offer a range of on-board services, including bars, games rooms and shops.