Camping on Board Malta

Find out about Tirrenia's Camping on Board service

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    Discover the Tirrenia Camping on Board service

    Thanks to the Camping on Board service you can use your camper or caravan throughout the crossing and save the cost of a cabin.
    Your pets can travel with you in your vehicle.

    Camping on board operates from April to September 2018.

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    Catania - Malta
    Malta - Catania

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    How to book

    1. B ooking form (top left): select the date and route (see Routes) and click on SEARCH >> to go to the Availabilities page
    2. Availabilities: select a crossing that features the Camping on Board link (on left) and click on QUOTE >> to go to the Bookings page
    3. Bookings:
      - if you are travelling with a camper select Camper with camping on board, open deck in the vehicles list and enter the length and height of the camper in centimetres
      - if you are travelling with a caravan select the type of vehicle in the vehicles list, add trailer and select Caravan on Board in the trailer list and enter the length and height of the caravan in centimetres
    4. Click on QUOTE >> the system will produce one or more quotes and select the lowest
    5. Select your preferred fare and click CONTINUE to proceed with your booking.
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    Terms and conditions


    • Service available subject to availability of spaces.
    • In the "Camping on Board" area petrol driven cars or campers are not allowed.
    • It is forbidden to use gas cylinders or to light even electric burners.
    • In line with safety regulations and the Code of Navigation, in bad weather the Captain may prohibit access to the camper parking area and ask passengers to remain in the interior spaces provided for them.
    • Camping on Board" is allowed only in suitable weather conditions.
    • Only campers and caravans may be booked.