Campervan, caravan, van, minibus and trailer

Find out about MOBY Lines deals for campervan, caravan, van, minibus and trailer - MOBY Pex Camper

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    The description " Space in garage - closed deck" means that a stay in the vehicle during the crossing is not possible. This also applies to the special tariff Camper Pex.
    Even here a stay is not allowed in the vehicle during the crossing.

    Travel in absolute freedom and save with the MOBY Pex camper deal. The deal is applicable for a one-way trip, for 1 passenger + campervan, caravan, van, minibus or trailer (category 9 and 9C vehicles).

    Length restrictions:
    - Sardinia: 6 meters for vans, 7 meters for other vehicles
    - Elba Island: 6 metres for all vehicles
    - Corsica: 6 metres for vans, no restriction for other vehicles

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    Sardinia ferries
    Genoa - Olbia / Olbia - Genoa
    Livorno - Olbia / Olbia - Livorno
    Piombino - Olbia / Olbia - Piombino
    Civitavecchia - Olbia / Olbia - Civitavecchia

    Corsica ferries

    Genoa - Bastia / Bastia - Genoa
    Livorno - Bastia / Bastia - Livorno
    Nice - Bastia / Bastia - Nice

    Elba Island ferries
    Piombino - Portoferraio / Portoferraio - Piombino
    Piombino - Cavo / Cavo - Piombino

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    How to book

    To be eligible for a Pex Camper fare you need to book for at least one passenger and one category 9 vehicle (campervan, caravan, van, minibus or trailer).

    1. Booking form (top left): select date and route (see Routes) and click on SEARCH to go to the Availabilities page
    2. Availabilities Page: choose a crossing with a Pex Camper fare in the far-right column and click on CALCULATE FARE to go to the Bookings page
    3. Bookings Page: choose Camper, space in garage (cat.9C) or caravans, vans, minibuses and trailers (cat. 9) in the pull-down  vehicle list, enter the length and height of the vehicle in centimetres and click on CALCULATE FARE >> the system will search for all availabilities and highlight the cheapest available fare.
    4. Select your preferred fare and continue with your booking by clicking on CONTINUE
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    Booking conditions for all Pex tariffs

    • To be eligible for a Pex Camper fare you need to book for at least one passenger and one category 9 vehicle (campervan, caravan, van, minibus or trailer).
    • The Pex tariffs are applicable in period Best Price A as long as the promotional fare is available (only restricted availability).
    • These tariffs are valid up to a maximum lengths of 7 m on Sardinian lines and up to 6m on Elba line; on our lines to Corsica without limit.
    • Passengers, cabins or reclining seats and vehicles can be added at the valid rate.
    • Moby Pex tariffs on lines Corsica or Sardinia are changeable for a certain fee. For each change we will charge you 10 € for Corsica routes and 25 € for Sardinia routes. The ticket price does not change if due to a modification the final price of the
    • New booking is lower than the originally reserved trip, i.e. the original value of the booking is charged.
    • A change of bookings or names on line Elba is not possible.
    • All Moby Pex tariffs can only be cancelled against 100% cancellation costs. No reimbursements for not appearing for the trip/partial route.

    We recommend taking out cancellation insurance of Hanse Merkur.