Day Cabin

Find out about MOBY Lines day cabin deals

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    MOBY Lines has everything you need to make your crossing more enjoyable. Book a fantastic day cabin at unbeatable prices and kick back and relax while your children make the most of our on-board entertainment. You'll arrive feeling refreshed!

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    Sardinia ferries
    Livorno - Olbia / Olbia - Livorno
    Piombino - Olbia / Olbia - Piombino
    Civitavecchia - Olbia / Olbia - Civitavecchia

    Corsica ferries
    Genoa - Bastia / Bastia - Genoa
    Livorno - Bastia / Bastia - Livorno
    Nice - Bastia / Bastia - Nice

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    How to book

    1. Booking form (top left): select date and route (see Routes) and click on SEARCH to go to the Availabilities page
    2. Availabilities Page: choose a day crossing departing before 5.00pm (make sure the cabin symbol is not scored with a red line) and click on CALCULATE FARE to go to the Bookings page
    3. Bookings Page: choose the type of cabin (excluding Night cabins) in the cabins and seats list and click on CALCULATE FARE >> the system will search for all availabilities and highlight the cheapest available fare.
    4. Select your preferred fare and continue with your booking by clicking on CONTINUE