Special deal for Sardinian-born and Sardinian resident passengers

Find out about the deal for Sardinian-born and Sardinian resident passengers: special price list and unbeatable fares

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    Noone deserves a special MOBY Lines fare to Sardinia more than Sardinian residents and Sardinian-born passengers! Passengers residing in or born in Sardinia can access special deals directly when available, or take advantage of a 30% discount on listed fares when there are no special deals available.

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    Sardinia ferries
    Genoa - Olbia / Olbia - Genoa
    Livorno - Olbia / Olbia - Livorno
    Piombino - Olbia / Olbia - Piombino

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    How to book

    1. Booking form (top left): select date and route (see Routes) and click on SEARCH to go to the Availabilities page
    2. Availabilities Page: choose a crossing and click on CALCULATE FARE to go to the Bookings page
    3. Bookings Page: choose Resident or born in Sardinia (limited places available) and click on CALCULATE FARE >> the system will explore several options and select the cheapest fare
    4. If there are no resident fares available, delete your selection and try again. The system will search for the cheapest available fare
    5. Select your preferred fare and continue with your booking by clicking on CONTINUE
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    ATTENTION: Please verify before booking exactly if you were eligible for the Sardinian reduction!

    • All passengers, for application of these Sardinian tariffs, must at purchase as well as at embarkation verify by official document to be born on Sardinia or to have first permanent residence there. At couples resp. longtime companions must be verified e.g. by passport, ID card to live together in the household.
    • At minor accompanying children the prove was necessary to be children of the Sardinian or living within the same household.
    • If these conditions were not respected and at embarkation was stated that e.g. one person cannot claim for that Sardinian reduction, or those documents were missing at embarkation, the Sardinian ticket declined completely and was not be refunded. It was necessary to purchase a new ticket at full rate.
    • A booking at Sardinian reduction in combination with tariff BEST OFFER is calculated by 100% cancellation fee.
    • On some departures places at Sardinian reduction are limited.